Deborah Carver is a content technologist, digital strategy consultant, writer, editor, filmmaker, arts advocate, and digital darling who lives in South Minneapolis. For more than two decades, she’s been trying to get people to read her content on the internet and has had varying degrees of success. She’s also been a digital strategy director, a content strategist, a marketing writer, a storyteller, an off-Broadway usher, a copy editor, a bread delivery girl, a pub wench, a graduate student, a barista, a seller of dog art, a craft cocktail server, and a teacher.

Most recently she’s worked on enterprise-level digital content strategies with Fortune 500 companies and laid the foundations for brand-new startups to launch robust content marketing programs. She works with organizations of all kinds, including healthcare and technology companies, digital agencies, and other marketing and IT teams. A portion of her business is devoted to supporting artists and nonprofit community organizations in the Twin Cities.

She is originally from Wilmington, Delaware, and often pronounces the word “water” like “wuh-trrr.” She lived in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina, before settling down in the Twin Cities.

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